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Choosing A Mother Of The Bride Dress

Posted on November 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

Your daughter is getting married. Congratulations! Do you worry that you won’t be able to find a Mother Of The Bride dress to wear to her wedding that’s flattering and spectacular for her wedding day? Don’t stress as there’s a huge selection of mother of the brides dresses to choose from. Popular styles include Floor Length Dresses, Tea Length Dresses, Fitted Sleeves and A-line dresses. The mother of the bride today is a fashionable, modern woman, largely unconstrained by formality, style and colour.

Degree of Formality: Unlike the bridal party, which is customarily outfitted in similar wedding attire, the mother of the bride dress should be dressed in similar or matching wedding attire, the mother of the-bride dress generally follows the rules for any guest should dress, except that the mother of the bride should be dressed in more formal attire than other guests.

The level of formality should be dictated by the formality of the event, in particular the bride’s dress. So if your daughter is going to wear a ballroom style wedding dresses with a chapel train and gloves, you should try to match the level of formality by wearing something formal. This doesn’t mean you have to necessarily wear a dress bathed in sequins, or made out of satin, velvet embellished with rhinestones. There are many frill-free formal looks out there.

Matching: Ideally a mother of the bride should aspire to compliment or at least co-ordinate with the overall look and feel or theme of the wedding. When choosing mother of the bride dresses, season, formality and a whole host of other factors need to be taken into account. Whether or not the mother of the bride dresses matches the bridal party apparel is entirely a matter of discretion for the bride.

Whilst some brides prefer to have both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom match the bridesmaids, modern wedding etiquette dictates that brides now allow their mothers to choose their own apparel. For something less formal you may have to choose a shorter dress. The bride may express a preference for the mother of the bride to follow the formality and style of the wedding, or to at least co-ordinate the colour of her outfit to match the rest of the wedding party.

Style: Contemporary mothers aren’t expected to wear matronly mother of the bride dresses anymore, and there is now a variety of stylish, halter and even strapless dresses available for the modern mother of the bride. When it comes to selecting a mother of the bride dress the options are infinite. Traditionally, the mother of the bride wears a floor length gown, accompanied by a formal jacket or bolero. There are hundreds of beautiful floor length mother of the bride dresses with jackets or boleros to choose from of course, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with tradition if you don’t want to.

Colour: The most frequently asked question by a Mother of the Bride is what colour should I wear? There are now many options available. The rule should be choose anything you want as long as long as it doesn’t detract from the bride or isn’t the same colour as her dress.

Traditionally speaking, it’s prudent to avoid dresses in the white ivory, and champagne colour family which may match the bride. Many argue that black should be avoided because it suggests mourning and therefore disapproval of the pending nuptials by the mother of the bride in black.

However black is classic, chic, and formal, and now even reds are popularly regarded as being able to be worn by mothers of the bride if done tastefully. The only hard and fast rule is to discuss colour options with the bride and try to oblige in respecting her wishes. She may have no reservations about you wearing bold colours, or alternately may prefer you to wear subdued yet stately colours in the lavender, silver, burgundy and blue families.

Most mothers of the bride opt for a colour which is personally flattering, matching their skin tone, is age appropriate, and harmoniously matches other dresses in the bridal party.

There is no reason why you have to wear plain beige. Some people believe it’s best to stick to pastels in warmer climate and choose deeper shades in the fall and winter. Choosing a colour that looks great for the mother of the bride should be the first priority.

Whilst some daughters may express a preference for their mothers to wear a mother of the brides dress in the same general colour family as the bridal party, other daughters are happy to allow their mothers to choose a colour that completely contrasts with the bridesmaids dresses on the colour wheel.

Some women don’t even pick a single colour block and wear either patterns or multiple colours. If in any doubt you can’t go wrong in wearing neutral colours as they go with anything, however if you pick a neutral coloured mother of the brides dress, ensure that it is a saturated colour so you don’t look washed out.

Suit or dress: Even though mother’s dresses are referred to as mother of the brides’ dresses, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear a dress, and there are several suits which have been designed for the mother of the bride.

Fabric: The bride isn’t the only one who can wear lace at a wedding. Lace is a gorgeous fabric that is suitable for any member of the wedding party, but will probably look best on the mother and the bride, being elegant and having a distinctly romantic air.

Size: Those of us with generous curves needn’t worry anymore about finding attractive Mother Of The Bride dresses. You don’t have to wear over-sized dresses with no shape to them. Look for dresses that compliment your full-figured curves and de-emphasize your least favorite features.

Ordering: Shopping, ordering and fitting your mother of the brides dress can take just as long to order and fit as the bride’s dress, if not even longer! There is also a tradition that you must choose your dress prior to the mother of the groom choosing hers out of courtesy so make sure you order you mother of the brides dress early. However, having said this, this approach is now considered old-fashioned and somewhat unrealistic.

There is always a case to be made that adhering to tradition for the sake of it is a lost cause. So abandon all of your preconceptions and have fun shopping for your mother of the bride dress, enjoying all of the variety out there.

When shopping for a mother of the brides dress it’s a great idea to bring a photo of the bridal and bridesmaid dresses as a guide when you are shopping and deciding what to choose as a mother of the brides dress.

Maxi Dress to Prom Dress – A Review of the Best Dresses For Summer 08

Posted on November 13, 2019 in Uncategorized

There is no doubt about it, dresses are essential wear for summer. They are practical and cool in the hot weather, easy to wear and comfortable and most important they are feminine and look great. There are so many different style of dress to choose from for the summer from Maxi dresses to prom dresses, there is a dress to suit any occasion. We review the hottest and coolest styles of dress for summer 08.

Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is long and floaty. This season there are maxi dresses everywhere to fit in with all of the seasons key trends including Boho chic, floral and floaty/ sheer. The Maxi dress is really easy to wear and covers up a multitude of problem areas such as large hips and legs, or white legs that have not seen the light of day since last summer. There are maxi dresses suitable for evening wear, semi formal, casual and beach. The beauty of the of the maxi dress is that you can pick a choose the style to suit your body shape.

Prom Dress

Vintage prom dresses are right on trend, whether you want to go to a prom or just want a cool dress to wear for a night out. The classic prom dress style with or without petticoats is a great way to show off your back and shoulders and draw attention away from larger hips and thighs.

Floral Tea Dress

Tea dress is the description given to a traditional style below the knee floral summer dress with short sleeves and flared a little at the waist. Look for delicate floral prints in material such as chiffon, cottons and satins. For the really shear Tea Dress, try wearing with a vintage style petticoat. The beauty of the Tea Dress is that it suits almost all women, almost all of the time. The tea dress is amazingly versatile and can be worn for all sorts of situations such as a wedding, christening or a day at work.

Romantic Ruffle Dress

This season ruffles are everywhere and what better way to wear them than on a girly, feminine, romantic ruffle dress. On the catwalks the key colours were sugary pinks and whites, but you will find a romantic ruffle dress in any colour you want this season on the high street. Ruffles are great for emphasising your best assets, wear ruffles around the neckline to frame your face, wear ruffles around a hemline to draw attention to great legs. A romantic ruffle dress is great for a special occasion when you really want to show your feminine side.

Fifties Style Dress

A full skirted fifities style dress as see on the catwalk at Prada is a key look for summer 08. This style is classic, feminine and sophisticated. There are plenty of styles and beautiful patterns to choose from, so be sure to find one that really suits you. The fifities style dress suits taller ladies the best and is great for covering up a pear shape.

Sheer/ Chiffon Dress

A sheer dress is again a very versatile dress for summer 08. Ideal for any occasion when you want to get a bit dressed up. The beauty of a sheer or chiffon dress is that it really skims you curves and so is supremely flattering and very elegant. As with all of the summer dresses there are so many different style to go for. For a more formal occasion opt for a long sheer or chiffon dress, for dancing the night away, try shorter style chiffon dress.

20 Terrific Reasons to Recycle a First Communion Dress

Posted on November 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

A First Communion dress is rich in religious symbolism and steeped in tradition. This special gown shouldn’t just hang in a closet after the ceremony. The communion dress is part of a very special moment in a young girl’s life.

The gown should continue to have a meaningful purpose. Recycling a communion dress can give it a new life. The end result can take many forms. The only criteria for recycling a communion dress – it should continue to spread joy and happiness.

Why Should You Recycle A Communion Dress?

1. Pass It On

Pass on a communion dress to family or friends. Sharing such a special dress can be a special experience. It can create bonds and continue traditions or start new ones. On the practical side, sharing can cut costs for other families. Sometimes a few alterations can create a completely different look for the next wearer.

2. Preserve The Dress

In the short term, First Communion dresses can be used for other special occasions. They are suitable for religious ceremonies or even special dinners and holiday parties. Yet if you plan to preserve the dress for use in future years, you need to follow proper preservation procedures. To prevent damage over time, you have to consult a preservation specialist. Otherwise, you must purchase a preservation kit.

If you are passing on a dress shortly after the ceremony, you don’t need to take these preventive steps. Yet you must always follow proper cleaning procedures after use. Consider a professional cleaner for best results.

3. Be Charitable

Charity, like recycling, can take many forms. Drop the dress at a thrift shop for someone to purchase at a low price. Some charities even give dresses to those in need. Certain organizations sell formal wear and use the funds for a worthwhile project.

Some formal wear retailers recycle dresses and donate a percentage of the profits to charity. Organize your own charitable project and involve your daughter. Do a private sale but discuss with the child how you can use the money to benefit a charitable cause. Children can offer very creative suggestions.

Give The Fabric A New Life

The fabric of the First Communion dress can be used in many creative ways. Using the fabric is about renewed life, new purpose, and heartfelt expression. Creativity is the exact opposite of destruction. There are many reasons to feel happy about the creative recycling of a communion dress.

4. Make A Flower Girl Basket

A flower girl basket is incredibly beautiful on its own. Yet if you line the basket with a very special fabric, its beauty and meaning reach a whole new level. Use material from a communion dress for flower girl baskets at a family wedding. Maybe some fabric could even be kept for your daughter’s wedding day.

5. Carry Something Special

If you like sewing, you can easily turn fabric from a communion dress into an unique purse. The satin, pearls, and flowers from the dress work together to create a gorgeous purse. Add a practical and pretty drawstring and a white bow to make an amazing accessory.

Personalized embroidery always adds an extra special touch. Use the child’s name, the date of her First Communion, or even a religious symbol. If you are of Irish heritage, you may wish to embroider the Claddagh or shamrock. The one-of-a-kind purse can be used for future special occasions and even passed on to the next generation.

6. Make A Satin Shawl

First Communion dresses and shawls are often made of satin so they are a perfect match. Of course, communion dresses and shawls are also made of other fine fabrics. You can make a splendid shawl from any communion dress material. Exquisite details such as sequins can be used as embellishment. For sleeveless dresses, a shawl is a dressy accessory.

7. Tie Ribbons And Bows

Ribbons and bows have always been popular for communion dresses. Large white bows were considered very stylish for communion girls in the early twentieth century. Yet bows and ribbons have maintained that popularity. They look charming on communion dresses. They dazzle, along with sequins and pearls, in headpieces.

A young girl can never have enough ribbons and bows to wear at special occasions. You can make numerous accessories from one dress. Don’t forget to make some stylish headbands suitable for special occasions. Headbands are always popular with young girls. The headband communion veil is one of the more popular styles.

8. Dress Up The Dolls

Your little girl certainly looked like a doll in her special dress. Most little girls wouldn’t mind sharing that beauty with her precious dolls. The beautiful fabrics and the exquisite details of a communion dress can make some well-dressed dolls.

Many girls keep their special dolls and cherish them as adults. They are often passed down through the generations. It’s pretty special to be able to pass on a doll to your daughter – especially if her dress is made from your communion gown.

9. Handkerchiefs Come In Handy

You can make a few lovely handkerchiefs using the fine fabric in a dress. Take time to make them special and they can be used for future occasions. The handkerchiefs, edged in lace, can be kept for Confirmation or even a girl’s wedding day.

They could be special gifts for sisters and aunts. The fabric could make pocket handkerchiefs for brothers and Dads. Creative individuals have even made neckties and bow ties from communion dresses.

The handkerchief idea is a very efficient method for recycling a stained dress. The damage may prevent the gown from being passed on or used in other ways. Yet you should be able to save sufficient material to make some handkerchiefs.

10. Bring People Together

Communion dresses can be recycled and made into a tablecloth and napkins for special dinners. Family gatherings are always memorable events in a child’s life. A young girl will take pride in knowing that fabric from her dress is helping to make a perfect occasion.

The tablecloth and napkins can also grace her table when she is a grown woman. Such a satiny white cloth could even be used at her wedding reception. The cloth would look lovely on the table displaying the wedding guest book or gifts.

11. Celebrate The Holidays

Every child loves Christmas and of course, the Christmas tree. Turn the communion dress into a Christmas tree skirt and see the light in a young girl’s eyes. You will have the best-dressed Christmas tree and the happiest child. This festive Christmas tree skirt will look fashionable during every holiday season. To suit its spectacular tree skirt, decorate the Christmas tree with white bows and pearl garlands.

12. Make A Special Keepsake

Every young girl should keep special mementos from her communion day. Make a keepsake box to hold her precious reminders. Use communion dress fabric to cover and line this tiny treasure. A girl can keep many treasures inside the keepsake box. It can hold her medals or jewelry gifts given in honor of her First Communion.

13. Hold On To The Memories

Precious pieces of the communion dress hold special memories. The fabric can be part of a First Communion scrapbook. Consider making a framed keepsake to display with family photos. Making a shadow box is a superb way to preserve memories. Use the fabric as the background and include other mementos such as First Communion invitations.

14. Keep It Picture Perfect

Keep her memories safe and protected in a pretty photo album. Make the exterior of an album as beautiful as the photos within its covers. Cover a photo album with the satin and lace of a communion dress. At first glance, it will be obvious that this album is a special book.

15. Enjoy A Pretty Scent

Enjoy a beautiful scent in a pretty package; make a lovely and lasting sachet. Satin and lavender make a sensational sachet. The special girl will love to use them and they can also be shared with family. You can make several sweet-smelling sachets from a communion dress.

16. Make Special Pillows And Blankets

The sacraments of Baptism and First Communion share a religious significance. Use fabric from a communion dress for a baptismal blanket. The fabric is also perfect for a ring bearer pillow or baby pillow. Pass these special creations on to a family member or keep them for your daughter. Using a ring bearer pillow or baptismal blanket, made from your communion dress, would be very special for any young woman.

17. Dress A Princess

Every little girl wants to be a princess. Whether for Halloween, a school play, or just play time, every princess needs a special dress. You already have a beautiful dress. Purchase extra fabric at a low price and introduce more color and details.

A full pink ruffle at the bottom of the dress is perfect for a pink princess. A pink lined cape adds a royal touch. A high princess hat with fabric flowers and lovely netting can be the crowning glory for a Halloween costume. Model the dress after a little girl’s favorite storybook princess.

18. Make A Princess Table

Every little princess deserves a princess table. Make a full flowing skirt for a round night table. Snaps can be used to allow the fabric to close together and give it a fitted look. If the dress has a pretty bow, you can also use snaps to attach it to the table skirt. An ordinary round table can easily be transformed into a table fit for royalty.

19. Keep It For A Sleeping Beauty

Make a skirt for a baby’s bassinet from the communion dress. Pass it on to new parents or keep it for the future. A tiny baby will most likely sleep soundly in such lovely surroundings. The adorable baby girl or cute baby boy will get a beautiful start in life. Make an one-of-a-kind baby bonnet and dress the little one in style – from head to toe.

20. Keep It For Another Sleeping Beauty

Use her communion dress to make the prettiest bedroom for a little princess. White is a cool and refreshing color to wake up to every morning. The fabric can be used for pillowcases or decorative pillows. Delicate, ruffled material is perfect for a window valance. If you want to cover the entire window, there will be enough fabric for the project.

The dress can also be used to make a full bed skirt or a fashionable quilt. After a bedtime story, a sleeping beauty will be surrounded by beauty as she follows her dreams. Isn’t that the way the story should always end for every little girl?